Posted by: tysonrc | December 10, 2009


Welcome to the new blog about Tyson Research Center.  With this blog, we will attempt to let others know about what goes on out here throughout the entire year.  Topics will include research projects, updates to other ongoing projects, thoughts about day-to-day life at a biological field station, some seasonal natural history notifications, class and group visits, and just generally everything that goes into making a great field station work.  Posts will be written by a large variety of individuals from tyson staff to undergraduate researchers.

Some background for those of you that may not know…

Tyson Research Center is a 1,966.5 acre biological field station ~20 miles from downtown St. Louis.  That may not seem very far away from the city, but that is what makes Tyson very unique.  We are buffered on all sides by other public land and that creates a wonderful cocoon for us to carry out our research without worry.  All the public land that surrounds us is one of the reasons that we are not open to the public for hiking or other outdoor pursuits.  It could be very bad to have someone walk through some of our long term plots or accidentally alter an ongoing experiment.  

We do allow research from many different organizations from universities all over the country to state groups like the Missouri Mycological Society (MOMS).  If you have an idea for a research project you would like to carry out, please contact us by visiting

So, if you are a student, researcher, or just a curious person and you have ever wondered what exactly “goes on” at a biological field station; we invite you to peer through the keyhole that is this blog and look around, you may find a new career…


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