Posted by: tysonrc | January 13, 2010

TERF Symposium

Tyson Research Center has partnered with the National Science Foundation and Shaw Nature Reserve (a division of the Missouri Botanical Garden) on a project entitled “Making Natural Connections: an Authentic Field Research Collaboration”.  As part of this project, 17 high school students from throughout the St. Louis area completed a one-month fellowship at Tyson during the summer of 2009.  These students will present posters and short presentations of their research experiences from 2:00 to 3:30pm on Saturday, January 30th (see announcement below).  Please RSVP to Susan Flowers at if you plan to come.  Everyone with a connection to the high school students or Tyson Research Center is encouraged to attend.

I have been impressed with the amount of work students have put into making their posters.  They have attended three sessions that each lasted three hours, and they have done work at home.  The sessions have been fun, and they have been a good opportunity for everyone to catch up on what others have done since the end of the summer.  The sessions have also been a great opportunity to eat some goodies!  I have personally enjoyed some very good chocolate truffles and gummy fishes.  Susan has provided much of the good stuff, but we were also lucky enough to have Josef and his family provide great food from IKEA in Chicago.”

–Tim Dickson


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