Posted by: tysonrc | January 22, 2010

Nestled in the hills

One of the things that makes Tyson Research Center great is the sense of isolation you can feel while conducting research out in these hills and valleys.  It can feel like you are miles and miles out in the country, when really, you are 15 miles from the edge of St. Louis.  The fact that we have almost 2000 acres helps, but there is more to it than that.  Tyson is surrounded by a large buffer of public land and greenspace and this really provides the sense of isolation that can wash over you while working here.  You don’t hear car horns, or garage doors, rarely even airplanes.

On top of all the greenspace surrounding us, we are lucky to have good relationships with all of our neighbors.  We study the ponds at Forest 44 Conservation Area, Beaumont Scout Camp and Lone Elk Park(even though this has angered the bison a time or two), and we are getting ready to restore a 2.5 acre glade  on West Tyson County Park .  In exchange for allowing us to work on their property, we provide plants lists, lists of everything living in the ponds, and also provide a service by hiking off trail and noticing things like litter piles and signs of poaching.

If you own some property within about an hour of Eureka, MO and would enjoy getting lists like these as well as letting science take place on your land, please call Travis Mohrman at 314-934-8437.  We have researchers working on many different things, but we are especially interested in fishless ponds, prairies, glades and streams.

–Travis Mohrman


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