Posted by: tysonrc | January 29, 2010


We have finished building all 8 deer exclosures!  We had to take a break because everything thawed out and it became a muddy mess.  Now that it got cold again, we finished off the remaining ones this week.   

Moving the last roll


All in all, this project went really well, thanks mostly to Pete, Tim and Steve for putting so much time and effort not only into the labor aspect of it, but planning as well.  Tim was diligently searching for the proper places for a few of the big cages in the woods and he and Steve put all the posts in during the hot part of summer.   

 I think the deer know what is going on though.  we found one shed antler right in the middle of one of the unfinished exclosures this week.  It didn’t have any fencing around it, just posts, so the deer probably decided to go ahead and nibble anything tasty inside since he will not be allowed back in for a decade or two.  

Also, only one exclosure demanded blood during the project.  As a benefit for most of us, it took this blood out of the face of Dr. Allan (he’s big and  has plenty of blood to donate to the cause.)   

Brian Allan with his battle wound


Now that the infrastructure is up, the next step is to begin sampling during the growing season.  It won’t show heavily for a few years, but after that we will see a stark contrast in these areas that the deer are not allowed in.  It can be amazing just how much even a small population like ours actually eats and affects the forest!  

Tim showing how a deer could use a ladder to go over the fence.


–Travis Mohrman



  1. Ouch, looks like Dr. Allan got a nice little injury. I’ll vouch for the dangerous nature of building deer exclosures.

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