Posted by: tysonrc | March 1, 2010

2010 Tyson Organic Garden

The sun is shining bright today, but when you step outside thinking you don’t need a coat, winter slaps you right in the face again.  Yes, spring is coming but it is not quite here yet.   Don’t despair though; we are getting a jumpstart on spring here at Tyson by starting work on our organic garden.   

The Tyson garden in early May of 2009


We created the garden last year as a means to provide local, sustainable food for our Summer Seminar Series BBQ’s.  This is in line with our mission to be as “green” as possible.  The garden has an interesting side effect of allowing students that may have never grown food, to try their hand at it and hopefully walk away with even more knowledge.  It was a great success last season, but this year we have even more planned.  We are making the garden a permanent fixture and building 10 4’x8’ x 1′ high raised beds.  Raised beds have many benefits over regular row plantings, especially for a garden this size.  Some of these benefits include reduced soil compaction, less weeds, better drainage, soil composition control, and more control over watering and fertilizing.  Also, one big advantage of the raised beds is aesthetics.  The beds are in nice and neat rows that groups can easily walk through and get up close and personal with the plants that are providing us with delicious food, week after week.  This week we are going to break ground and start assembling our raised beds.  This will all be done by hand and it is going to be an amazing amount of fun!  If you would like to join in this fun with us, you can.  Heck, put in a few hours and we’ll even give you a coveted Tyson T-Shirt.  If you would like to help, please email Travis Mohrman at Mohrman(AT) 

In the mean time, thanks to the wonderful staff at the campus greenhouse, we are starting the seeds of several plants to get a jump start on the growing season.  Plants like squash, artichokes, peppers, and tomatoes are being grown early so they can be transplanted into our garden after the last frost in order to have yummy side dishes at our seminar series.  Just thinking about a fresh grown tomato and basil salad is making my mouth water!   

Don’t forget to thank Gnorm the Gnome for providing protection!

–Elizabeth Biro 


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