Posted by: tysonrc | April 28, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

That early warm-up really got everything popping here at Tyson Research Center.  We have been very busy building glades, getting permits for everyone, shocking fish out of experimental tanks and just generally getting ready for summer.  While this is taking place, the Tyson Organic Garden, sponsored by our local Worms Way Gardening Center, has been growing like mad.

a freshly cleared glade

raised bed full of various greens

The full field season takes off starting on the week of May 17th and it is going to be a packed house!  Along with all the undergraduates, interns and techs we have the high school students participating in the TERF program out all summer as well.  Summer at Tyson Research Center is a very exciting time as there are so many different projects across all aspects of ecological reseach.  As the season progresses, this space will be used to highlight many of these projects so that everyone can truly appreciate what we do here.

Also, it is almost time for another exciting season of the Tyson Summer Seminar Series!  We are finalizing the schedule now and it will be released very soon.  We have some great speakers lined up for what should be an outstanding season of seminars and BBQ!

enjoy the middle days of spring.  Turkeys are calling, bluebirds are everywhere and depressed mushroom hunters are still scavenging for that last morel that is inevitably dried up and snail eaten.

–Travis Mohrman



  1. Freshly cleared glade? Is that a former glade being renovated or a new glade being created? Regardless, I’d love to know more about the process.

    • it will all be explained soon enough….

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