Posted by: tysonrc | October 15, 2010

Let the produce flow

This was a terrific year for the newly improved Tyson Organic Garden.  The raised beds functioned perfectly, the plants did their jobs,

Beets and Herbs

and the people enjoyed eating all the fresh produce throughout the summer seminar season.  even though it’s mid-october, we are still harvesting tomatoes, bell peppers, swiss chard, cucumbers, chili peppers, and liana beans.  On top of those tough plants, our fall produce is growing well.  This fall we planted broccoli, two kinds of spinach, various salad greens, beets and garlic.  Much of the fall produce will be frozen and tossed into soups and stews for various fall/winter Tyson functions.

Our numbers this season so far:

Mexican sour gherkin cucumbers

7 lbs. broccoli

10 lbs. carrots

78 lbs. cucumbers

32 lbs summer squash

49 lbs. of salad greens

3 lbs. red cabbage

115 lbs tomatoes

24 lbs beans

our tomatoes runneth over

12 lbs purple tomatillos

32 lbs onions

29 lbs peppers

18 lbs swiss chard

Everyone at the seminars seemed to really enjoy all the super fresh, organic food.  It is special to come out to listen to a great scientific talk in one of the first two living buildings in the world, then relax on a picnic table and eat a burger made from tyson venison with a cucumber and fennel salad straight out of the garden.  Thanks to everyone who helped make the seminars and bbq’s outstanding events this year!

–Travis Mohrman



  1. There was some really good eating out of the garden this summer. And the unplanted produce fo the forest (mushrooms) – Also very good!

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