Posted by: tysonrc | October 19, 2010

Glade Project Update

view of several glades from the sky

The big glade project has been successfully constructed.  we built just shy of 25 acres of glade, spread across 32 glades of various sizes and shapes.  It was a very large undertaking and we thank the many people who came together to make it happen.  Special thanks to Claverach Organic farm and vineyard and The Greater St. Louis Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America for allowing us to place some of these glades on their land.   Thanks also to John Wingo and his crew from DJM Ecoscapes for basically letting us hire them on for several months during a busy time.  I’m guessing he caught up on prairie construction all over the state by now, so hopefully those other jobs aren’t sore at us anymore. 

Nick K. walking the timberjack on a leash

Even though the glades are only a few months old, sampling has already begun as many researchers want to watch how the sites change from cedar clogged woodland to open habitat.  Researchers are looking at changes in the ant community and soil microbe community among other things.

We have been busy working on the glades, also, as we have been spraying johnson grass, tree of heaven and sericea lespedeza to keep those buggers out of these sites.  we feel confident that we have killed most of them before they were able to lay down seed, but it will be a constant paranoia and a fight we will not be backing down from.  We had hoped to burn these areas this winter, but unfortunately, there is just not enough fuel to carry the fire in 75% of them and we are not going to go around setting fire to individual tufts of bluestem.

Finishing touches are being added to the seed list.  We will be adding over 50 species of plants this winter to some of the glades.  This is very exciting because part of the experiment is looking at conservative species, so several of the plants are hard to find species that will be wonderful to grow. 

All in all, It was a huge project to get off the ground and it took a great deal of work from dozens of people.  Good job all around everyone.

–Travis Mohrman



  1. Grate job Looking forward to seeing more this spring on this website Kept up the good work

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