Elizabeth Biro

Beth showing aquatic life to fellow researchers.

My name is Elizabeth G. Biro and I am one of the field station ecologists at Tyson. I am also the aquatic lab manager for Dr. Jon Chase.  I have worked at Tyson Research Center since 2006, when I started working with Dr. Chase for my Master’s thesis on pond biodiversity.  After I graduated in 2007, I loved Tyson so much; I stayed and started work in my current role.  I work on the aquatic side of the research program at Tyson.  I manage a database of the biodiversity of over 300 ponds throughout Missouri which I and other researchers frequently monitor.  In addition, I help students and researchers with all phases of their aquatic ecology research and also oversee management of our lab building here at Tyson Research Center.  Finally, I help out in the many different things working at Tyson frequently and randomly requires, such as website maintenance, gardening, bricklaying, GIS work, horse wrangling, graphic design, pond building, photography, modeling, cooking, general contracting and welding etc.  (ok, ok I don’t really do any modeling)  


When not at Tyson, you can find me in Tower Grove Park either chasing after my mutt or playing kickball; sometimes both!


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