Travis Mohrman

Travis explaining the importance of light gaps in the forest


 My name is Travis Mohrman, I am one of the field station ecologists.  I have worked here since february of ’07.  Like everyone that works at Tyson, I do many different things.  My main two duties are to serve as the botanical expert for all researchers and students and to act as the liason between Tyson Research Center and all outside state agencies and private landowners.  I also help coordinate the terrestrial research projects and work on infrastructure construction as well as planning on most of the major terrestrial projects.  Some of my other duties are chef, photographer, farmer, certified arborist, cartographer and fire maker.  

When i am not at work, i like to fish, hunt, grow food, paddle rivers and hang out with my hound dog and my wife.  Glades and Savannahs are my favorite places to be in any season and I can’t think of anything nicer than ripping a fire through a woodland invaded by exotic plants or out-of-place natives.  I will happily and annoyingly talk about the benefits of burning Missouri’s woods for hours until you let me light yours up just to make me stop talking.  hey, whatever works!  


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